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Lama or Llama 30 April 2006

Posted by TwentyTwoYards in Refutations, World gone mad... or is it just me?.

A gem from the 'Dalai Lama':

"This new terrorism has been brewing for many years. Much of it is caused by jealousy and frustration at the West because it looks so highly developed and successful on television"

So nothing to do with the West invading other countries, bombing and killing innocent civilians and pursuing a neo-imperialist foreign policy? No? Oh okay. What about the grinding poverty imposed on 'the South' by the West's unfair trade practices and unfairer usurious economic system? Not that either? Oh well..must be the TV programmes then, not enough channels or something.

This Lama guy already appears to have attained his 'nirvana'… i.e. become senile / demented. Maybe that's what he does all day – watch TV – so he thinks the 'terrorists' do the same. Now there's a thought – do they have The Bold and the Beautiful in the Afghan caves? hmm.. that would explain some of the annoyance and pent-up frustration those terrorist types exhibit – wouldn't you be a tad upset if you had to watch that trash all day, every day? 

And there are fools who go to this Lama for 'enlightenment'? 


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