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Super Pak? 30 May 2006

Posted by TwentyTwoYards in Howzzat!! (aka the 'Honourable Game'), Land of the pure...and the not so pure.

Trust Niamat (aka AE) to come up with something rather heart-warming even whilst dissecting Muralitharan's action and the ongoing Eng v SL series:

Finally, I want to bring attention to Umpiring. In current times, with hundreds of cameras, amazing slow high-definition that shows the most incredible details, and then all this 'hawk-eye' technology that tells us exactly where the ball would hit the stumps in LBW decisions, the pressure on the Umpires to continually get it right is incredible.

Step up Super Pak.

Aleem Dar has taken the Umpiring world by storm – it's almost as if he has cameras showing him replays in his eyes! The amount of decisions that he has got right has been phenomenal, not to say that the other umpires are not being equally proficient, but it's great to know that Dar Saab is now the greatest Umpire in the game, and for a country that doesn't have a clue about justice, impartiality, equality and respect for the law, the world's greatest judge in cricket is our very own Aleem Dar.

I found the last sentence wonderfully poignant.

  • A Laptop – $ XX
  • An internet connection and card – $ YY
  • Reading Abu Eesa after a gap of 4 weeks – priceless.

I have been travelling (just work) for the past few weeks, and been snowed under with various other things – hence the paucity of activity here, which I am sure was noticed by both of my 2.4 readers. :-) Back now, so both of you can expect some serious updates over the next few days, Insha Allah.


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