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“Freedom of Speech? Only when it suits us…” 11 June 2006

Posted by TwentyTwoYards in Hypocrisy, The 'Zionist Entity'.

The Western world continues its "fine traditions" of supporting free speech by threatening to imprison people who have merely questioned the veracity of the 'received wisdom'; so if you point out the seemingly obvious fact that punishing Group B for the crimes of Group A is neither just nor fair, you are a racist and an evil "anti-Semite". German Zionists, all supporters of "free-speech" no doubt, are planning mass demonstrations at Iran's soccer matches, to protest against the Iranians exercising their right to "free speech". According to The Observer today:

The country's most famous Jewish TV personality, Michel Friedman, will also attend [the protest]. He has threatened to take legal action against Ahmadinejad if he comes to Germany, where Holocaust denial is a criminal offence.

Indeed. Of course, Germany believes in free speech, but only as long as it insults Islam and Muslims, geddit? This is the same Germany where the state of Baden-Württemberg proposed regulations forcing nationality applicants from the member states of the Organization of the Islamic Conference* to answer questions about their beliefs and attitudes on homosexuality, domestic violence and other religious issues.  So this all-encompassing Western "freedom of speech" does not even include freedom of belief or thought, let alone of speech.

* Just to clarify, the OIC includes such "hotbeds of Islamist extremism" as Cameroon, Senegal and Sierra Leone.


1. George Carty - 16 December 2006

Zionist propagandists seek to equate Islam with Nazism. Since the only Westerners who deny the Holocaust are Nazis, aren’t Muslim Holocaust deniers just doing the Zionists’ work for them?

2. Abu Abdur Rahman - 16 December 2006

Thank you for stopping by George.

Muslim Holocaust deniers may or may not be Nazis, but they are certainly ill-informed and ignorant and do their faith no service. Islam aims to create a social and political order built on justice for all and particularly for the disadvantaged and the weak, and I am not sure how denying the Holocaust fits in either with justice or with protecting the weak. In Islam, the ends do not justify the means and hence whatever the ends, condoning mass murder should be morally reprehensible for all Muslims.

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