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1947 14 August 2006

Posted by TwentyTwoYards in Land of the pure...and the not so pure.

minar.jpgAnd now for something positive: Adil Najam has posted some historic video        footage from 1947 on his site; we may not be independent, but it’s good to remind ourselves of what could have been, and what could still be, Insha Allah.



1. thabet - 14 August 2006

You need to discuss why Pakistan’s batting was so woeful in the last two tests.


2. knicq - 24 August 2006

…and you need to update – your take on D-pih-headed-white-supremist-Hair and Imperialist ICC.

3. knicq - 30 August 2006

I am pleaaaading…

an update please!

4. orchid - 11 September 2006

“I am going to treat this blog as an online scrapbook for the time being; a little morsel here, an interesting snippet there… ”

The above is from the blogger in another entry somewhere here. Since there are no more additions to his ‘online scrapbook’ makes me wonder if nothing interesting is happenning around the world these days :)

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