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Pakistan – the land of opportunity… 6 February 2007

Posted by TwentyTwoYards in Land of the pure...and the not so pure.

Mauritania rejects migrant boat

From the Beeb this morning:

A vessel which broke down with several hundred illegal migrants on board is being refused permission by Mauritania to dock or allow passengers ashore. The ship is thought to be carrying mostly Pakistani migrants.

More here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/6330183.stm


Mauritania?! On the Western coast of Africa? How did they get there?? Did their illegal vessel go through the apparently heavily guarded and regulated Suez, or was this small ship able to navigate all the way around the Cape of Good Hope?!

I guess they could have taken a flight to somewhere on mainland Africa and then taken the boat onwards… though hard for them to embark or disembark at a regulated port (ie any international airport) without proper papers. Anyway.

What desperation would drive people, our people, to take huge loans at prohibitive, in fact, murderous terms from loan-sharks, leave their families, their villages and everything they have ever known, to put their lives at the mercy of the high seas 3,000 miles from home just in the hope of setting foot on the promised land that is the European Union?!

And shame on me and on the Pakistani ‘elite’, for beating our chests like baboons at Pakistani “development”, “prosperity”, “khush-haali” and “taraqqi” – what nonsensical piffle. The desperate, the malnourished and the starving millions of Pakistan have not benefitted from the poodle’s “economic miracle“. But let’s be grateful to the Usurer and his Boss; at least we are the world experts in creating meaningless slogans and soulless property developments!



1. farrukh: copywriter & journalist - 22 February 2007

Something to ponder about – outspoken post, Abu.

So, it isn’t as rosy as it seems.

2. knicq - 15 March 2007

Its never as rosy as it seems Farrukh. The sad part is, its not rosy at all except for the rosies.

The economic miracle that South Asia is often touted to be is a fallacy that is visible in the hundreds of thouands toiling under the middle eastern sun and its scorching heat… its a fallacy that is hard to ignore when workers on rampage in the booming Dubai asking for a raise in their wages, and the company offers to placate them with a USD 0.55 raise per day… i.e five cents an hour given their 12 hour (minimum) days… and they do get placated with it!


3. knicq - 23 March 2007

You, Sir, have been tagged. Thats your cue to update… update by request!

4. TDH - 27 April 2007

They must be heading for Europe. A lot of them got caught moving from Cyprus onwards. I suppose this would be the only route left to them.

5. dan k - 16 May 2007

very interesting indeed
i hope you dont mind me bookmarking this site

6. fact fun - 27 November 2007

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7. Postconvalescent - 19 June 2008

Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

cheers, Postconvalescent!!!!

8. gol gappa - 6 February 2009

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Comatosed blog kai ehbab doston ki batein suntai, aur unko blog kai wapis aanai ki minnat samajat kerta diakhtai huai waqat quzarnai ka ehsas bhi na hua. Lagta tha ham bhi unhain aghaz-e-blog sai hi parrh rahai hain aur iss ta’ziyati tabsaray ki lambayi ko daikh ker isay ‘Allah ki rehmat post’ bananai ko dil machal raha hai, jaisai wairaan gharon main jin bhoot ghus baittheay ka farz anjaam daitai hain. Magar is blog per mehmanon ko derwazai sai hi rukhsat kernai ka hifazati intazam abhi tak qyem hai. Mezeed sitam ye kai barsi one-dish ki bajye sifar-dish nikli. Shadeed ehtajaj kertai huai pooray Pakistan main alamti taur per waqtan fawaqtan bijli aur pani band rahain gai.

Aglai saal zardai kai maqool intazam ki umeed per hazir hon gai. Ijazat dijeay. Allah Hafiz.

9. Craig - 7 March 2009

Oh, yes, it is!

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